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Release: Organic Groups 6.x-2.3

Today was the release of OG 6, Version 2.3

We have a fine assortment of changes (see the changelog), ranging across:

  • Extensive og.module commenting.
  • Views integration improvements.
  • Many “OG, what are you thinking?” bugfixes.
  • And even some performance enhancements.

Release: Organic Groups 6.x-2.2

I have just tagged the first OG6 release since March of 2010.

We have a fine assortment of changes (see the changelog), ranging across:

  • New Hook API Documentation
  • Views integration improvements
  • Localization improvements
  • Miscellaneous areas of moderate interest

This release locks in some changes, clarifies the status of Notifications (sticking with the 2.x line for now), and sets up OG6 for a stable position to start looking at what should happen next. I’ve posted a sort of maintainer’s philosophy position on how I see OG6 moving forward, you can read it at the d.g.o address of Organic Groups. What does all that translate into for my next steps?

Well, aside from a few clear cases, it’s still very much up to the community. I’m going to focus on a few good patches, and see if I can help the issues, performance, and the Weirdness subqueues. I’m hoping to have enough cool stuff pulled together to release 2.3 in honor of Drupalcon Denver.


Single Group Login Redirect

Community.OA had a request for functionality that would redirect a user with a single group membership to that group’s homepage.

I packaged that functionality up as a Feature, so you can use it too. The oa_ prefix refers to the support for spaces_og/purl to generate a group URL.

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